SPACEWILLI 2.0 – The incredible voice-controlled game APP
12 new levels, more action, more speed


  • 12 brand new levels
  • new unique monster movements
  • more speed
  • more action
  • Voice-controlled game
  • Voice calibration
  • Cute hip design
  • Suitable for tablets
  • ad-free

Go on adventures with SPACEWILLI
SPACEWILLI is a cute little spaceship on a dangerous mission in outer space. His goal is to collect the treasured golden stars. On his journey, he meets deadly asteroids and gets attacked by dangerous space monsters. Help SPACEWILLI to avoid all danger, find the golden stars and return to his home planet “IXION”.

The unique feature of this game is that you control SPACEWILLI with your voice. If you raise your voice, SPACEWILLI will fly higher. If you lower your voice, he will go down.

It’s really great fun! Yeap…

Just launch the game. No need to use the TouchPad – the game is voice-controlled!
…but don’t play it in public…! ;-)